West Sacramento has a Council/Manager form of government. Citizens elect four City Council Members at large who serve 4 year terms and directly elect the mayor who serves a 2-year term.  The City currently holds elections on the first Tuesday of November in even numbered years.

Meeting Time & Place
The West Sacramento City Council generally holds regular meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month beginning at 7:00 p.m.  You can view the calendar of events to see when the next City Council meeting is scheduled.  City Council meetings are held at the following location:

West Sacramento Civic Center
1110 West Capitol Avenue
West Sacramento, CA  95691 
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Mayor Christopher Cabaldon
Christopher Cabaldon
(Term expires Nov. 2018)

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Johannessen
Council Member
Mark Johannessen
(Term expires Nov. 2018)

Council Member Christopher Ledesma
Mayor Pro Tem
Chris Ledesma
(Term expires Nov. 2018)

Council Member
Quirina Orozco
(Term expires Nov. 2020)

Council Member Beverly Sandeen
Council Member
Beverly "Babs" Sandeen
(Term expires Nov. 2020)

Addressing the City Council at a Council Meeting:

Anyone wishing to address the Council should fill out a Request to Speak form and present it to the City Clerk prior to the item being discussed.  If you would like to speak about something that is not on the current agenda, in the space marked "item" number on the form, write in 1A.  When addressing the Council, you will be allowed three minutes to speak.  The Council will not make comments or take action regarding your subject matter, but may address it at a later date or assign it to staff for further follow-up.  It is suggested that when others are addressing the Council, you refrain from any outbursts and maintain the proper decorum expected in a formal meeting venue.

Contacting the City Council:

Via Telephone:  You may contact the City Clerk's office at (916) 617-4500 and leave a message for any of the Council Members.  Messages will be relayed either by e-mail, telephone or direct contact with the respective Council Member. For MEDIA inquiries, please call our Communications staff at 916-617-4516.

Via Voicemail:  The following is a list of each Council Member's voicemail box number:

Mayor Cabaldon (916) 617-4706
Mayor Pro Tem Ledesma (916) 617-4708
Council Member Johannessen (916) 371-0661
Council Member Orozco (916) 617-4705
Council Member Sandeen   (916) 617-4707  

Via Mail:  You may send correspondence for any of the Council Members to the City Clerk's Office, 1110 West Capitol Avenue, 3rd Floor, West Sacramento, CA  95691. All correspondence will be delivered to the Council Member(s) on Friday afternoons and on Council meeting Wednesdays.

Via E-mail:  All members of the Council may be reached electronically.
The following is a list of their respective e-mail addresses:

Mayor Cabaldon christopherc@cityofwestsacramento.org
Mayor Pro Tem Ledesma     chrisl@cityofwestsacramento.org
Council Member Johannessen   markj@cityofwestsacramento.org
Council Member Orozco          quirinao@cityofwestsacramento.org
Council Member Sandeen beverlys@cityofwestsacramento.org