Government & Public Access TV Channels

Channel 20, Government TV, provides live and repeat coverage of City Council and Board and Commission meetings, and a community bulletin board of information on city events and activities.  If you would like to have an event listed on the community bulletin board please send a fax to the attention of "Community Bulletin Board" at 372-8765. Please provide at least one week before the event for programming.

Channel 21, Public Access TV, was developed primarily to provide a forum for non-profit and other organizations to share information and programs that may be of interest to the community. Additionally, this channel provides playback of some special events such as the annual State of the City address.  Program content must meet guidelines set forth by the City. For more information, please call (916) 617-4777.

These channels are available to Wave Cable and AT&T U-Verse subscribers.  For Wave Cable subscribers, simply go to channels 20 and 21.  For U-Verse subscribers, go to channel 99 to see the list of local government channels.  Select “West Sacramento Community TV” and channels 20 and 21 will be available for viewing