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The City Council conducts an annual Strategic Planning Workshop to review progress and establish the direction for the coming year. The process involves articulating a vision of where an organization wants to go, creating a plan for how to get there and identifying how to carry out the plan. It is a forward-looking process that produces tangible, measurable and meaningful results.

As part of this process, the City Council and senior city staff gather together for the purpose of reviewing and adjusting the current Strategic Plan and developing an action document for the upcoming year that sets forth specific projects and  programs that further the Plan. The Council considers several issues during the process of evaluating projects and programs for the upcoming year's work program, including: financial constraints and opportunities; timing and benefits; urgency; available staffing resources; community demand; and most importantly, relevance to the vision. Ideally, the work program developed for the upcoming year is composed of projects that can be accomplished or moved forward significantly within that year. The projects are monitored, and accumulate until they are completed.

Following the Council's annual strategic planning workshop, a new work program incorporating the above ideas and more is developed to establish the short-term policy and management agendas for the upcoming year.

Strategic Plan Document
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Policy and Management Agenda
Each year the City Council, Mayor, and Executive Team meet to discuss the policy and management agenda for the city.
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