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Welcome to the City of West Sacramento Tree Program web site! The West Sacramento Tree Program
is a comprehensive
Municipal Urban Forestry Program which has become a regional model for tree
education, planting
and care.

About West Sacramento Tree Program

West Sacramento Tree Program is an integral part of the Parks & Recreation Department within the City of West
Sacramento. We are dedicated to creating a Green and Sustainable Community by planting and caring for trees.
Since October, 2004, the West Sacramento Tree Program has been serving the City of West Sacramento by actively
educating residents, and planting, protecting and maintaining trees. Since 2004, we have been building community
partnerships by engaging and empowering our community to plant and care for trees.

You Live in an Urban Forest

Urban trees provide benefits that are fundamental to our city's livability. Qualities such as clean air and water, cooler
streets and homes, beauty, and wildlife habitat are essential elements to the health and comfort of any city. Simply
put, people and trees depend upon each other in many ways. The health of our City and our region is dependent upon
the health of our urban forest. The West Sacramento Tree Program is a comprehensive program dedicated to tree
planting and maintenance, tree education and protection. 

For TREES for TOMORROW workshops
 which provide free trees and education to residents, businesses, schools, churches and non-profit organizations north of the barge canal please call 530-758-7337 or www.treedavis.org to reserve your space today!

During our free shade and pruning workshops you will learn how to plant and care for your trees as well as
how to prune your young trees for proper structure and form. We support the planting of 5 million new trees in our
region by the year 2025.
We offer 5 species of shade trees which have been chosen based on their
resistance to pests and diseases, structural integrity, and friendly root systems.
Click here for more information on tree species offered and planting information.

The City of West Sacramento has a Tree Ordinance in place to protect our urban forest from practices that serve to
permanently damage or remove trees without proper cause, especially those trees classified as Landmark or Heritage
Trees. If you are not sure if you do or do not need a Tree Permit Application, we will help ease your worries and answer your questions. Just give us a call at (916) 617-4620.

Trees for Tomorrow Grant Program

Through the Trees for Tomorrow Grant Program, the City of West Sacramento grants requests for trees at schools,
parks, churches, and
other community agencies. We are here to assist you in bringing your tree planting project to
fruition. To become a recipient of trees through the Trees for Tomorrow Grant Program you will need to fill out the

Grant Program Application
. If approved, the City of West Sacramento will provide up to 50 fifteen gallon trees with
stakes. You will be notified within two weeks as to the status of your request.

How to Stake Your New Tree Shade Tree

This is the single tree staking system we provide with every tree we plant and every tree delivered to
residents for planting in their own yards. Watch the following video to learn more about these stakes
and how their proper use:
Single Tree Staking Systems

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Upcoming Events!

Arbor Day Celebration 2018

On April 28th, 2018, the City of West Sacramento will celebrate our 13th Arbor Day in a City Park from 9am to
11:30 am. (Park yet to be chosen) We will plant a couple of new trees! We will receive recognition as a TREE CITY
USA for the 11th consecutive year. The Tree City designation is awarded to cities that demonstrate an excellent maintenance
and planting program. The city must also have a City Tree Ordinance, a legal tree governing body, a comprehensive
urban forestry program and observance of Arbor Day.